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Whether you’re a first-time HOA president or have been in your community for years, we’re providing board members resources to help communities thrive.

Breaking Down the Duties of HOA Board Members

Whether you’re brand new to the board or a staple in your community, it’s critical that everyone on the board understands the role they play in building a great community. Though..

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HOA Bank Account Reconciliation: What to Look for and Why it's Important

HOA bank statements are one of the most important tools for assessing the financial health of your organization. From budget allocation to discretionary spending, so many..

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The Quick Guide on What to Look for in HOA Financial Statements

As a member of the board, your ability to understand your community’s financial situation is critical. Without a proper understanding of your HOA financials, you run the risk of..

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How to Select the Best HOA Vendors and Ensure Great Outcomes

One of the most important things every HOA board must consider is its vendors. Partner with the right vendors and your community is set up for great success; partner with the..

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Overcoming Unique Challenges as a Self-Managed HOA President

Self-managed HOAs are associations run entirely by members of the association. Many condo groups and neighborhoods may start their HOAs as completely self-managed groups to retain..

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